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Formed in the USA, but based in the Far North of Australia, Lady Valiant are a folk, blues and roots duo with a sound to remember.
Blending both Folk and Blues, Port Douglas based duo Lady Valiant are bringing original new creations and ideas to the scene. The dual force behind the music, Glenna Lynes and Marty Brown use the winning formula of ‘less is more’ structuring their sound on a solid base of stompbox, guitar and raw, gutsy vocals, with harmonica and various percussion making an appearance to fill the gaps.
After spending nine months in the US, Ireland and Scotland the pair have returned to Australia just in time for summer. After a successful two years with folk band Timber and Wood, their other musical endeavour, the trio took 2015 to take some much needed time out and rejuvenate.
Honing their personal musical skills, performing as much as they could and writing new material for a upcoming E.P was the main priority for the the two while they travelled the Northern Hemisphere. Gathering inspiration from all corners of the US and Europe has led to new songs from Lady Valiant focusing on subjects from homelessness, Bootlegging along the infamous ‘Derby Line’ on the Vermont/Canadian border to the history of the sweaty back road American towns of regional Georgia in Southern USA.
If fat, fun, funky and dirty is your musical preference, then go no further.